What is a Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is a heat dismissal device. The major purpose is to reduce the water temperature through the cooling of a coolant stream. This is done by the direct contact of water and air. As this happens, a certain amount of water is evaporated, thus decreasing the water temperature by circulating the water through Tower. Industrial Cooling Towers are utilized to eliminate heat from different sources, for example in machineries or materials that go through heating process. The major purpose of Industrial Cooling Towers is to eliminate the heat in the circulating cooling water systems, which are used in power plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, , flammable gas handling plants, food preparing plants, semi-conductor plants, and for other industries items, for example, in condensers of refining segments, for cooling fluid in crystallization, and so on.

How Does A Cooling Tower Work?

At the point, when Water comes in contact of air, a small quantity of water is evaporated, thus resulting in a cooling activity. The heat gets absorbed by pumping back of the cooled water to the process equipment. Apart from Evaporative cooling, Cooling Towers use other methods as well for removing excess heat. In Closed Circuit Cooling tower, water is kept in the tube from the industrial processes. Shower the tube with the cool water and a fan is used to transferring the heat. This shields the water from expected defilement in the cooling tower or make-up water. 

Application of Cooling Tower

The Major applications of Cooling Tower incorporate cooling the flowing water utilized in refineries, Petrochemical industry, Nuclear Power Plants, Thermal power plants etc. Whereas a Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Cooling Tower is utilized for eliminating or dismissing heat from Chillers. Air cooled Chillers are less effective than water cooled chillers because of dismissal of heat from tower water close to wet-bulb temperatures.

Conventional Cooling Tower VS Energy Saving Cooling Tower

The basic difference in the two types of Cooling Tower is that conventional type uses a Motor to run the fan of Cooling Tower, whereas the innovative type of Cooling tower uses the cooling water system’s surplus pressure to run the fan using “WATER TURBINE”. Water turbine transforms water flow pressure into rotational mechanical power which principle is widely used in water power generation.


Cooling Tower Water Turbine

Energy saving cooling tower replaces the gearbox and motor with CT Water Turbine (as shown above). The water inlet pipe is extended and connected to the turbine which is being installed on the top of the cooling tower. Fan is then mounted on the turbine. The water flow pressure coming from the plant into cooling tower is transferred into CT Water Turbine. Turbine converts water flow pressure into rotational energy, which rotates the fan without using the motor and save electricity. Water is then distributed from the turbine into the cooling tower uniformly. In order to save the energy and cut down the electricity charges in the industries. Kimax came up with the advanced Energy Saving Cooling Tower to cut electricity cost and hence expenses. Kimax Water Turbine is a pioneering product in the designing, manufacturing and exporting of energy saving Cooling Tower Water Turbine in Delhi, India.

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