Energy Saved is Energy generated

Industrial Energy consumption

Energy is used in the industrial division for a wide scope of purposes, for example process and assembly, steam and co-generation, heating process and cooling, lighting and air conditioning for buildings.

Inflating Electricity costs, affects the Production process.

Energy is vital part in every industrial process, but because of high consumption of Energy it results in rise in electricity prices, resulting in increased cost of End Product.

Energy Management

Energy management is significant as all well-planned actions could help in reducing Industry’s energy bills and limit the harm it does to the environment. The Two main energy management strategies are preservation and Efficiency.

Energy Saving Projects

Adani Power Ltd. Gujarat, Honda Motor Cycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., PTT Public Company Ltd., Shaanxi Chemical Co. Ltd, Cooling pump in Plastic Chemical Plant (Taiwan), Closed Cooling Water Pump in Thermal Power Plant (SPIC), Domestic Water Pump Station in Steel Plant (Automatic Speed Adjusting type used for improvement).

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