Renovation Case 1

PTT Public Company Limited

Project Name : Renovation of 3× 4000m³ Cooling Tower Used CT Water Turbines For Energy Saving.

Project Introduction : The cooling tower of public project’s circulating water system was renovated for energy saving. The Renovated tower passed summer running assessment, fully meeting the design conditions and other technological requirements. Again, the other four towers of the same system were renovated in 2017.

Acceptance Conclusion : Cooling tower renovation was completed in November 2017 water returning pressure was 0.27MPa, flow per tower was 4000m³/h, and fan’s rotation speed reached 109r/min, temperature decrease (inlet 26.1 outlet 32.2 ) was 6.1 , meeting technological requirements. The renovation of #1 tower was accepted.

Energy Saving : Motor of 220kW was replaced by CT hydro Turbine. If usage time per year for the tower is 8760h, total annual electricity savings is : 142.3kW (Actual Power) * 8760 hrs. * 0.52 USD (Electricity unit price) : 648,204 USD .



Cooling Tower           Cooling Tower Shaanxi Chemical


Renovation Case 2

Shaanxi Chemical Co. Ltd

Project Name : Renovation of CT Water Turbines of Circulating System for 18× 4000m³/h Cooling Towers.

Project Introduction: 10 out of 11×4000m³/h cooling towers in the circulating system A and 8 out of 10×4000m³/h cooling towers in the circulating system B has been renovated.

Acceptance Conclusion : After renovation, parameters for system A and B were measured as follows : Water flow for each tower was between 3850m³/h~4050m³/h; CT Water Turbine inlet pressure was between 7~7.8mH 2 O, vibration was between 2.6~2.9mm/s, which all complied with (except for a few ones) parameter standards before renovation. This project has been accepted by parts in April 2015 and July 2015, respectively.



Water Turbine Kimax     Cooling Tower Water Turbine Project


“We have  successfully renovated and installed the new CT water Turbine at over 50 locations.”