Kimax was founded in 1993 in Taiwan and started to develop overseas in 1997. Today Kimax Controls, Inc. has become KIMAX GROUP, which has manufacturing units & offices in Taiwan, India and China. Our manufacturing group comprises of four divisions Energy division, Valve division, Actuator Division and Pneumatic division.

The water flow pressure is transformed by water turbine into rotational mechanical power. This principle is widely used in water power generation. Energy saving cooling tower replaces the gearbox and motor with CT Water Turbine. The water inlet pipe is extended and connected to the turbine which is being installed on the top of the cooling tower. Kimax is the leading Water Turbine Manufacturer & Suppliers in Delhi, India. Classification of Water Turbine KIMAX CT Water Turbine & KIMAX CT Water Turbine + Booster.

PMC technology is equipped with permanent magnets made from ferromagnetic materials to create an induced magnetic force  used for torque transfer. PMC physically separates the elements of the motor system and load side, coupling the load shaft and the motor shaft eradicating any physical contact (i.e. by electromagnetism). Kimax is the leading Magnetic Coupling Manufacturer and Coupling Supplier. We offer high torque magnetic coupling Our Permanent Magnet Coupling is classified into two categories- Permanent Magnet Coupling – Fixed Gap & Permanent Magnet Coupling – Adjustable Gap

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